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Food Bags Biomass Packaging

NatureFlex cellulose-based clear bags are derived from renewable, plant-based resources, not petroleum. These compostable bags are great for sandwiches, cold … ... Read more

Olbernhau Dairy Food Processing Technology

Milk and whey at the Olbernhau Dairy is spray dried to produce dried whey concentrate and dried milk for use in food production. ... Read more

Clean and Reliable Food Desire for better world

Best performance CCD + NIR TYPE By adopting NIR(Near Infra-Red), sorting out even transparent materials such as glass, resin, PET is possible.(Optional) ... Read more

Sparkle Glue suppliers

Welcome to wholesale the best quality and cheap watercolor, poster paint, tempera paint, acrylic paint, face and body paint from our factory. Karry Materials is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and ... Read more

Shenzhen Laser System Co.,Ltd

Are you looking for fiber laser, laser system? Contact us now! We are able to offer you the highest quality such equipment with high performance, high speed and high power. With over 10 year's ... Read more